Ivanka Trump: My Father is 'Colorblind and Gender-Neutral'

Eric Trump stands on the convention floor in Cleveland

Eric Trump stands on the convention floor in Cleveland

"He will fight for equal pay for equal work and I will fight for this too, right alongside of him", Ivanka said to applause.

Ivanka Trump's address at the Republican National Convention Thursday not only spoke to Republicans, but also to Democrats, according to at least one expert.

Their daughter, Ivanka Trump, was scheduled to introduce her father Thursday night before he gave his formal presidential nomination acceptance speech.

At moments it seemed Ivanka was rewriting her father's domestic platform, and a large portion of her speech focused on a huge policy change for Trump.

Libby Wuller, who recently attended a party hosted by RightNOW Women's PAC, which works to get Republican women into office, said although she is no fan of Trump and his rhetoric about women, she is impressed with Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump also has a history with Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Donald has not talked about affordable childcare or the wage gap between men and women during his entire campaign, notes the Chicago Tribune, but he has called pregnancy "an inconvenience" for the workplace. It would have been helpful if she had explained that mothers' lower pay isn't just an outcome of discrimination, but rather the result of the different choices that women with children tend to make about work, by logging fewer hours on the job, commuting less, and seeking out positions with more stable schedules.

When asked by CNN why Trump's campaign emphasizes fears of rising crime levels even though Federal Bureau of Investigation data shows a drop, Trump's campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, said the FBI's statistics on crime should be viewed skeptically since the agency recommended that Clinton not be charged for her use of private email while she was secretary of state.

She wore a blush colored sheath from the Ivanka Trump label. "Now, I am seeing him fight for his country". "At my father's company", she told the cheering crowd, "there are more female than male executives".

Well, look, we're children and we love our parents, so that's the great equalizer, and that's the great common ground. "No one is more poised and articulate than my sister and no one will do a better job of explaining to the American people who my father really is". While Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz made headlines for speeches in which they refused to endorse Trump, Ivanka's speech held out as a frontrunner for substance and depth-the true high point of the RNC. "He does the blue collar, she does the millennials". He said powerful politicians put a lot of thought into the image they're projecting through their clothes even if they're trying to communicate that clothes aren't important to them. "She's been leading, helping companies since then, and that says something about Donald Trump". She's also no stranger to Fresno.

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