Hillary Clinton hate for sale on the streets of Cleveland

The red-meat prosecutors Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie lit up the hall with their denunciation of Hillary Clinton; but how will their tough rhetoric play with those who aren't already Hillary haters?

While acknowledging that Mr Trump "delivered an effective and well-calculated speech" - which it described as his "most coherent" for a long time - the daily said that he painted "a bleak picture of America". "America could do a lot better". "Her (Hillary) bad instincts and her bad judgment - something pointed out by Bernie Sanders - are what caused the disasters unfolding today", he said. I think she really works hard. I've seen some peg the Never Trump movement as just stopping him at the Republican National Convention. "We must abandon the failed policy of nation building and regime change that Hillary Clinton pushed in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria".

At a direct swipe against the Democrats, Trump said that America has to stop being politically correct.

His plan for establishing law and order, he said, "will begin with safety at home, which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, protection from terrorism". "Any politician who does not grasp this is not fit to lead our country", said the nominee in his opening remarks, before explicitly promising that the crime and violence "currently affecting" the US would very soon come to an end. So with great pride, I related a prophetic saying that if one piece of flesh is good (i.e. the president of the U.S.), then the body (America) will be good; if the president is right and performing right and fulfills his duties, then America will be great.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs to put together a serious campaign organization, and fast.

What to do? I'm not sure. I received hundreds of messages afterward conveying that many American Muslims thought I was a disgrace and a traitor, some writers even claiming that I was being paid millions by Trump and was bought by him.

I love this country more than my life because this country has given me so much.

"I personally do not like either of the candidates, but I believe that Clinton is the lesser of the two evils". There is a possibility that Donald Trump will be the president.

"I don't particularly like either of the candidates, and the VP choice may make the decision for me".

Despite such a promise, it wasn't much of a surprise that the NY businessman did not have much to say about the problems faced by Hispanics in the United States, let alone African Americans or other minorities. "I am embarrassed to say that I fear the worst for this country, no matter who we pick to be president".

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