French identify second church attacker

A good man: slain French priest Jacques Hamel

39;A good man': slain French priest Jacques Hamel

In breaking news, two ISIS extremists stormed into a church during a morning mass and forced an 85-year-old priest named Jacques Hamel to kneel down by the altar, before slashing his throat in front of everyone present. The hostage takers were later killed in a standoff with police.

As long as US leaders refuse to recognize the true nature of Islamist atrocities like the murder of Father Hamel, there will be more attacks like this in the United States.

The terror group claimed responsibility for the attack on Wednesday by releasing a video purporting to show the two teenagers pledging their allegiance to the jihadists. A security official confirmed that he was the unidentified man pictured in a photo distributed to French police July 22 with a warning that he could be planning an attack.

The government, already under pressure after the Nice attack, faced more questions over security weaknesses after it emerged Kermiche was known to anti-terror investigators. He was detained outside France, sent home, handed preliminary terrorism charges and wore a tracking bracelet that was turned off four hours a day.

The group has prioritized targeting France, which has been bombing the group's bases in Iraq and Syria as part of a US-led global coalition. "One of the nuns managed to escape, French radio reported, and it was that person who raised the alarm and called the police", she said.

The Amaq news agency, linked to Islamic State, said "two IS soldiers" carried out the hostage-taking. The teen was identified as Adel Kermiche, and investigators said that on two occasions a year ago, he tried to travel to Syria using other family members' identity documents.

His mother Yamina told French TV that her son had never spoken about Islamic State. He refused to divulge man's name and had no information on the second attacker.

Hollande's predecessor and potential opponent in a presidential election next year, Nicolas Sarkozy, has said the government must take stronger steps to track known Islamist sympathizers. Just in the previous year we've seen tourists killed in Tunisia, 224 killed in attacks in Egypt, 130 killed in coordinated attacks in Paris, the shootings in San Bernardino, a bombing in Brussels, the nightclub shootings in Orlando and others. Some in the government have said that all suspected terrorists should be tagged with the electronic monitors, possibly jailed, even if they have not committed a crime.

With 56 remaining summer events to protect, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated on Wednesday that events without "optimal" security will be canceled.

The Paris prosecutor, Francois Molins, said the two attackers had knives and fake explosives - one a phony suicide belt covered in tin foil.

On Thursday, local authorities banned a procession in the city of Nice that was to have commemorated those who died there on July 14. They made a kind of sermon around the altar in Arabic.

In Corsica, a dissident branch of the nationalist FLNC threatened reprisals against Islamic State and called on Muslims living on the Mediterranean island to demonstrate at their sides against radical Islam.

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