County MP criticises Russian doping scandal as "form of institutionalised child abuse"

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach held a conference call with fellow officials on Tuesday to discuss the governing body's next course of action and a statement released after that meeting confirmed disciplinary proceedings have been opened against officials within the Russian Ministry of Sport and others mentioned in the report released on Monday.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport will issue its verdict Thursday on Russia's appeal to overturn the IAAF ban on its track and field athletes for the games.

"Racism is rife in the stands and the ugly events in Marseille when Russian Federation played England last month gave a snapshot of the politically charged organised hooliganism that surrounds the game in the country".

McLaren said his team uncovered forensic evidence that proved Rodchenkov's claims that Moscow set up a cheating system following the country's poor performance at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

On June 17, the IAAF (the International Association of Athletics Federations) Council ruled it was still early to restore the membership of the All-Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF) in the international organization and suspended Russian athletes from all international tournaments, including the 2016 Olympic Games.

"The investigation (by the Russian side) is still taking place".

Russian Sports Minister Vaitaly Mutko has been banned from attending the Olympics.

"[A potential boycott] is not being discussed" he said, reiterating the statements made by President Vladimir Putin that a boycott would be "a total mistake".

It went further. Because of the caustic revelations of cheating at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 all worldwide Olympic winter sports would be asked to "freeze their preparations for major events in Russian Federation, such as world championships and world cups, and to actively look for alternative organisers".

The leaking of the letter, which was also circulated to the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) athlete committee and has the support of national bodies in Germany, Japan and New Zealand, has been criticised by other sport's world governing bodies.

As McLaren put it, it was the Russian ministry of sport who "directed, controlled and oversaw" positive doping samples being tampered with and swapped.

Thursday's decision will also greatly influence the International Olympic Committe's judgment on the eligibility of the rest of the Russian athletes.

As it stands, the IAAF has approved just two Russians to compete, as "neutral athletes", after they showed they had been training and living overseas under a robust drug testing regime. "Blanket bans have never been and will never be just".

It is known that the WADA report, which accused Moscow of creating a special mechanism for substitution of doping samples of athletes at the Olympic Games in Sochi, became the reason for discussion.

"I can't find any other explanations".

It looks as if the 62-year-old IOC chief wants to avoid a complete exclusion of Russian Federation from the XXXI Games around the CAS decision and the global sports, but he can't keep waiting for what the associations do or what the CAS does.

"It's basically cheating, and for United Kingdom athletes who are clean they've missed out on medals in their careers because others have cheated, it's very serious".

Rodchenkov is in hiding in the United States and is wanted by Russian Federation.

But he said noone can say all Russian athletes are cheats and added: "In the public's imagination participation in the Olympics is for everyone".

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