Black Lives Matter, police to meet Monday night

The black live matter movement does not stand for that.

The first will take place at 9 a.m. outside the Everson Museum, 401 Harrison St.

The Black Lives Matter movement sprang up after the August 9, 2014, police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

"And guess what? It ain't more police killing blacks than it is blacks killing blacks", he said. Some say using All Lives Matter in response to Black Lives Matter dismisses a bigger issue. That event will begin at the Jerry Rescue monument in Clinton Square. "We view Black Lives Matter as a partner, one that holds us accountable", Assistant Police Chief Michael Kurtenbach said.

Referring to a 2014 video that showed protesters in New York City chanting "What do we want? Once we can come together as a people, as a human race as human beings, I think we will really be able to start change".

Patrick has been especially critical of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the shooting earlier this month at a protest in Dallas that left five police officers dead and seven others wounded.

"There's a segment of the community that actually don't care about voting because they're too concerned with staying alive".

He said the group was remembering all lives lost.

"Some people believe the only way to bring justice is with a sniper rifle", he said.

Activist and protest organizer DeRay Mckesson appeared on CNN this morning, where he came up with a curious metaphor to explain why "all lives matter" is a distraction from "black lives matter". But U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, speaking about the demonstrations inspired by Black Lives and other groups, drew a bright line between the gunman's actions and "lawful protest and protected speech".

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