Big 12 Roundtable: Conference Expansion?

Plus, the return of the Big 12 title game in 2017 will bring in another $27 million or so per year, Bowlsby has said. "But definitely a forward step and shows momentum by the board to consider this a possibility". Others that have been talked about as prospective future members are BYU, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Central Florida and South Florida.

"I feel like we need to get back to our roots just a little bit more, maintain the run game that we did a year ago that allowed us to have the about Big 12 leading rusher", Holgorsen said.

The good news for the Big 12 Conference is that there is no shortage of suitors.

"I'm sure we'll be downright popular", Bowlsby said. We have returned our proud University to the national spotlight and we aim to compete on the highest levels as we build Champions for Life.

Cheerleaders circle up for a photo during the Big 12 college football media days in Dallas, Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

Boren has been the leading advocate for expansion. We're looking at the fan base; we're looking at access to media markets. In response to the Board's request for information, Baylor interim president David Garland, regent's chairman Ronald Murff and David Harper, academic and student affairs committee chairman met with the Board for over two hours.

What's been a well-known secret for some time has become official, as the conference announced that commissioner Bob Bowlsby is now authorized to begin looking for expansion candidates. The issue was placed to a formal vote, and no member of the board objected or abstained, according to the commissioner. "On this one, we took a vote and everyone was supportive of it". And I think those that will - you know, they're going to join a family. I know the staff was in shock, and so it's been a journey, to be honest.

While mistakes have been made in the past, Grobe said, he contends there is no longer a culture problem in the Baylor program and certainly not with the players still on the team.

"We live in a very fast-changing world", Boren said. Firms hired to crunch the numbers for the Big 12 told the conference earlier this year that expanding would increase the chances of making it to the playoff and boost revenue. "It's not yet a decision if any particular university or college - or even a definite decision about when we expand or the way, the form this would take", Boren said. And so we now need to go away from this meeting and think about it from a logistical standpoint and put a plan together. "So I don't think we have to make apologies for activating around stipulations that we both agreed to". This is major news, sparked in part by the revelation on Monday that the ACC will be launching its own network, leaving the Big 12 as the only Power 5 school without some type of television network. But he also said other, wide-ranging factors would be considered in exploring all interested parties.

"Felt like I was helpless, like a lot of people felt", Russell said Tuesday at Big 12 football media days.

Bowlsby didn't specify a timetable for an expansion decision but said he expects a two-step process - first, exploratory, then negotiation.

This time, the 10 current Big 12 schools could receive even more money than anticipated if the schools wanting to join the conference are willing to take a smaller share of revenue just to have the long-term security of being in a Power 5 league. "That will bring stability to the conference and ... will benefit from an affiliation with the schools that are now in our conference".

Before we all collapse in on ourselves like a dying star, its important to remember that nothing is set in stone.

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