4 things added to the Democratic platform because of Bernie Sanders

Sanders has endorsed Clinton, a former first lady and USA senator, but some of his supporters protested in Philadelphia against the party leadership's apparent backing of her during the bitter Democratic primary fight.

"Hello, Philadelphia. I am so happy for this great day and night", she said.

Despite Sanders' calls for them to support Clinton, thousands of activists have taken to the streets during the convention this week to voice support for the liberal Vermont U.S. senator and his progressive agenda.

Bill took a more unorthodox approach to his speech, weaving in his personal history with Hillary Clinton along with her life-changing professional accomplishments over the years. "She sure has", he joked.

She backed President Obama's decision to go after Osama bin Laden. "That's what she does".

They remain a "two for one" package, as Bill Clinton famously said during his first presidential race.

He then called her the "best damn change-maker I have ever known". While aides have said he will not get a Cabinet post or a seat in the Situation Room should his wife win, Clinton has made clear that her closest adviser will remain involved with her administration, saying he'd likely have a role in managing the nation's economy.

"So it is with a full heart that I'm here today to nominate Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president". "She is the change-maker that this country needs at this critical moment when experience and compassion for our fellow Americans matter so much".

Unmoved by Sanders' plea for party unity, the Bernie protesters walked miles in the stifling heat to make their case for him.

Speaking Tuesday night for his 10th address to a Democratic convention, the former president joined his wife, Hillary Clinton, in making history as potential first gentlemen.

Sanders request was met with very loud applause. You can't. One is real.

The 68-year-old Clinton would become America's first female president and commander-in-chief, if she elected in the November 8 polls.

Some of the reintroduction is more than cosmetic: Clinton moved left on issues including trade and education in the course of the primary campaign, adopting stances pushed by Sanders.

It was aimed mostly at Democrats - especially Bernie Sanders Democrats - who have either forgotten about Hillary Clinton's early years or, more likely, never knew that part of her story. "It really took off when I met and fell in love with that girl in the spring of 1971", he said.

Clinton aides believe a focus on policy is another way to rally Sanders' supporters, especially those who threatened to stay home or vote for Republican Trump. You can see many of them understanding the necessity of getting on board. "We didn't come to this convention to just fall in line". It's hard when you lose an election. Cartoons are two-dimensional and are easy to absorb. "She will work for you".

The political drama with Sanders and controversy over Democratic National Committee emails that show staffers seemingly working against him has done little to dampen the excitement among Clinton allies.

"For Bernie supporters, it's important to discuss the alterative: [Republican] Donald Trump as president", Schiavoni said. We've been walking and talking and laughing together ever since.

Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, where he shared a touching story about his meet-cute with wife Hillary Clinton while attending Yale Law School together. He had spoken twice to accept his party's presidential nomination, and so bright was his star, even as a former president, that in 2004 he was slotted as far as possible from the nominee.

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