Windows Phones to Receive New Updates From Windows 10 Upgrades

Windows Phone The Morning After

Windows Phones to Receive New Updates From Windows 10 Upgrades

Are you sad to hear about Microsoft's new "streamlining" efforts?

IT administrators that don't have the ball rolling on a Windows 10 upgrade for their companies might be haunted by Will Smith's voice reading Raphael de la Ghetto's poem in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: "Tick tock clock, the clock is ticking for you".

There have been mixed reactions about Windows 10 since its' release; it's doubtful that any changes will affect these emotions.

However, an adjustment to the Windows 10 upgrade alert now means if a user dismisses the box with the "x" icon, rather than closing the window, it now activates the upgrade, the BBC reports. "We can get the maximum awareness for our games very easily; this cannot be achieved on iOS or Android". Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 6, which were previously only available on Xbox One, are two major titles that it has recently to PC for Windows 10 users. The categories and arrangement of the apps have been organized clearer with new individual app listings page design.

The new sackings will mostly affect Nokia's home turf: 1,350 of the redundancies will be made at Microsoft Mobile Oy, headquartered in Finland.

Just when we thought Microsoft has started thinking about its Windows 7 and 8.1 users, it's back to bite us again.



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