Ted Cruz Says Fight Not Over With GOP Convention Nearing

Texas GOP may distance support for gay 'reparative therapy'

Ted Cruz Says Fight Not Over With GOP Convention Nearing

Ted Cruz pulled out a strategic victory at Saturday's Arizona Republican Party convention, nailing down a large majority of delegates to the national convention amid cheating accusations from backers of businessman Donald Trump.

In an exclusive interview with WND, the pastor categorially denied all of Trump's accusations.

"I do not want my name on record in any way as having ever voted for, contributed to, or otherwise assisted him or his campaign", Cain wrote in a letter he then shared with friends on Facebook.

Even with the effort by Trump's campaign, some Cruz supporters seemed not ready to even broach the question of whether they will get behind Trump. Rafael Cruz said it is "absolutely not" him in the photographs published by the National Enquirer tabloid claiming to link Cruz to Oswald. It's clear that even though he suspended his campaign, many Texas GOP activists are not done cheering him on. Ted Cruz (Tex.), Sen.

Instead, there was Sessions, a proponent of strict immigration policies whose work in the Senate Cruz often praised on the campaign trail before Sessions endorsed Trump.

"With Mr. Trump, one day he says this, one day he says that", said Sheila Pradia of San Antonio. Jeff Sessions, who spoke on Trump's behalf.

"Now (Cruz) he can't do it on the first ballot because they're locked into me on the first ballot".

"Clearly, Trump's people thought it would have an effect, otherwise, they would not have done it", Barton said.

After dropping out, Cruz floated the possibility of unsuspending his campaign and jumping back into the Republican race before the Nebraska primary.

Speeches from state GOP luminaries continued throughout the day. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich hold out hope that they can pick a fight on the convention floor.

Not all of the party's elected officials are willing to do that.

Barton also defended the integrity of the man he backed throughout the primary. And the one who loses says, 'I just want to congratulate my opponent.

(Maryland's Republican Governor Larry Hogan, who has declined to support Trump thus far, did not attend the event.) In Nebraska, state convention delegates voted to rebuke one of the most prominent #NeverTrump members, Senator Ben Sasse, by overwhelmingly passing a resolution opposing his call for a third party conservative candidate for president and also rejecting a counter-resolution that aimed to condemn Trump for making "degrading" comments towards women and minorities, according to the Omaha World-Herald. "But I am convinced that this movement... will be the core of pulling this country back from the abyss".

At Maryland's convention, conservative activist, Citizens United chairman, and major Trump ally David Bossie won election as the state's national committeeman over a party stalwart, Louis Pope.

On Saturday, Cruz offered a reminder of how hard it will be for Trump to line up the conservative evangelical Christians and small-government purists that made up his base, speaking at length about what it means to be a true conservative while avoiding any suggestion that Trump might be one.

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