Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles looking forward to chance of drafting Brandon Ingram

The 2016 NBA Draft Lottery results are in and the Philadelphia 76ers have done it.

The ping-pong balls fell just right for Philadelphia on Tuesday night and now the 76ers will have the first pick in the National Basketball Association draft and have the opportunity to draft LSU star Ben Simmons or Duke star Brandon Ingram. Then again, Boston could stand pat, make the pick and continue to add to an improving young core. It could also be that Mutombo saved a draft of an image of him together with Hall-of-Famer Allen Iverson in case Philadelphia did win for later posting. "But some teams think Bender has a chance to be great and one GM said he could easily see the Croatian becoming the best player in the draft in time".

After Simmons and Ingram, this draft is a legitimate crapshoot.

That doesn't mean there wasn't some intrigue as we look ahead to June the 23d at Barclays Center, where many franchises' futures will be decided. “We'll also probably get some calls for that pick I'm guessing, so there'll be discussion of that too. He only played there for two seasons, so he's not exactly a franchise icon”.

Putting aside how hilarious it would be if Philadelphia actually traded the first overall pick (rather than one of their other mentioned frontcourt players) for Teague, as Ding notes, neither team may be able to find appropriate value for their picks if they decide to deal them.

Alternatively, they may look for a new prolific college scorer to add alongside Isaiah Thomas, who could seriously use some help in that regard when he's left to create score after score. Simmons has been widely projected as the best prospect in his draft class for quite some time, and the Sixers (even after a front office regime change that involved Sam Hinkie leaving town) have historically taken the best player available at their draft position.

As it panned out, the draft order followed the exact order in which teams finished the 2015-16 season.



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