Jennifer Streit-Spears: Photos From Victim's Facebook Page

Kenneth Alan Amyx

Jennifer Streit-Spears: Photos From Victim's Facebook Page

A man has been arrested after police found him with stab wounds and his girlfriend stabbed to death in a Plano apartment.

Amyx, 45, is being held at Collin County Jail for the alleged murder of Streit-Spears.

Read one of the captions Kenneth Alan Amyx posted, Sunday: 'Please pray for us'.

The first showed Steit-Spears' dead body.

Police forced their way into the apartment, which had been locked from the inside, and found Streit-Spears' body. The second image reportedly depicted the bloody face of a man. Plano, Texas law enforcement investigators believe the man in the photo is Kenneth Alan Amyx.

After the sister of the murder victim saw the photos on Facebook, she immediately called the police.

A motive for the murder had not been determined.

Amyx was arrested and taken to the Collins County Jail.

"I did ask them to remove it several times. She also tried to get them removed from Facebook but was told they didn't violate the site's terms".

Defending the social networking website, a spokesperson said that graphic photographs were not a violation of Facebook's policy and that they could not be removed unless the victim's account was hacked.

Friends of Jennifer Streit-Spears, say the image on her Facebook page of murder remains. In Dallas County, he was wanted for Indecency with a Child.

Alan Amyx has been charged with the first-degree murder and is held on a bond of United States dollars 600,000.

Amyx is also charged with sexual abuse of a child.

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