Wisconsin Republican Primary Poll - GOP Numbers Move, 2016 Delegate Count

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz

In 2011, Walker signed legislation stripping public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights, survived a recall election, and came back to severely weaken private-sector unions as well.

But people in Trump's delegate-chasing operation say that its desired rules committee candidates will all stick to rule 40b.

Heidi Cruz is the wife of candidate and Senator Ted Cruz, who arrived with former candidate Carly Fiorina at the Wausau campaign headquarters shortly before five o'clock Thursday afternoon.

"That's what's at stake, and that's why I'm supporting Ted Cruz for president", Walker says in the ad. "I promised the people of Texas- if you elect me, I'll fight with every breath in my body to stop the disaster that is Obamacare that's killing jobs all across this country..."

"While the person that you have favored continues to move in an unmoored, untethered fashion, I understand that at times he is the vessel of your frustration", Kasich said in a direct appeal to Trump supporters.

Kasich cast Cruz, now in second place in the delegate count for the nomination, as a spoiler in Pennsylvania who can't win this state's April 26 primary. As much as he attempted to undercut Trump, he also tried to appeal to his supporters.

"He'll challenge the status quo, just like we've done in Wisconsin".

A big loss for Trump in Wisconsin would greatly reduce his chances of securing the delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination before next July's national convention. During a question-and-answer period, one woman stood to say that she disagreed with the OH governor. Sanders, meanwhile, fired up a crowd in Wausau, Wisconsin, hoping to continue a string of recent campaign victories even as Clinton maintains a sizable delegate lead.

Cruz's advantage over the real estate mogul also comes from self-described "very" conservative voters, who give him a 36-point lead (61 percent Cruz vs. 25 percent Trump).

Trump been highlighting Cruz' apparent issues with his colleagues for months. Ted Cruz would have enough delegates to win the nomination outright in Cleveland. But the state's stature in Republican politics and its position on the calendar - no other state votes until April 19 - have elevated its importance.

As the Wisconsin primaries approach next Tuesday, the presidential candidates are hosting events throughout the state.

Police charged Lewandowski after reviewing a surveillance video of the incident, obtained from security at the Trump-owned property. She said Thursday in Purchase, New York: "Donald Trump is showing us exactly who he is and we should believe him. I don't really want him to do something he's not comfortable with".

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