The Tennessee Titans have already won the 2016 NFL Draft

With so many holes, this is a strong possibility for the Cleveland Browns.

For all the praise they got at the time, four years later they feel like they similarly had to give up a bounty to go get a quarterback.

Mayock said he was impressed when studying video of Goff after the season and initially thought he was the best quarterback prospect in the class. He changed his mind, though, after watching tape of Wentz.

They selected defensive tackle Aaron Donald with the 13th overall pick in 2014 and running back Todd Gurley with the 10th pick a year ago.

If the #Browns see the #Rams take the QB they want, don't rule out a trade with the #Eagles for No. 2. Goff has the capability to come in and start, whereas Wentz, despite being an athletic marvel, may still be somewhat of a project.

With the Browns needing a quarterback, they could snatch up the one that's left on the board. The Rams are expected to draft a quarterback, which would not be the case if the Titans remained in the top spot.

Cleveland needs to get more assets than just a quarterback to succeed.

"I am going on the record saying I pretty much always hate these kinds of trades for the team giving up the picks".

The Titans got a king's ransom for their first overall pick, but the way the draft shakes out could make the Cowboys a victor in the biggest trade in draft history.

That's the speculation after the Los Angeles Rams obtained the top pick from the Tennessee Titans in a trade on Thursday, April 14, that included multiple picks. Then you've got to look at Tennessee and see all those draft picks.

"I was surprised, but knowing the organization I'm not surprised". An entire facelift, so to speak. "It doesn't mean we're going to".

The blockbuster trade between the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams will have a far-reaching impact on other teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys.

As you'd expect, opinions began forming right away, two weeks before any players have actually been drafted. And what will the San Francisco 49ers do now that the possibility of a player like Goff - a Bay Area native - probably won't be available? "It gives us options". Instead of getting a boatload of picks from another team, they've given up an equally impressive boatload to the Titans.

The Philadelphia Eagles are another team that could trade up, as they remain noncommittal to both Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel.

The news of first round picks being traded continues to happen.

With the second pick, the Browns are still, well, the Browns. The team also has a need for a pass rusher and at cornerback. Well, if you haven't, it - coincidentally enough - involves Kevin Costner playing the fictitious general manager of the Browns.

The last time quarterbacks were selected with the first and second pick in the NFL Draft was 2012 when Andrew Luck and Griffin were chosen.

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