MacBook Pro, Air 2016 release date, rumors


Rumors that Apple would release two Mac Book Pro versions as thin as last year's Mac Book makes the Mac Book Air redundant

As to the release date, however, every report is consistent about the Macbook Pro 2016 being launched during the WWDC, the Apple's annual developer event, this coming June.

The MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016 will look nothing like the current MacBook lines, according to a new rumor.

Speculations over MacBook Air getting a detachable screen is raging like wildfire in rumor land.

MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be available in two sizes, one with a 15-inch display which will retail at $2,800 and a slightly smaller one measuring 13 inches which will cost tech aficionados $1,500. Citing its sources, tech blogger Jack March mentioned that Apple might never release any product with "Air" branding.

There are no known MacBooks scheduled for release by Apple since September last year, except for the anticipated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro upgrades this year. The patent filing was published by the United States Patent & Trademark Office last week. Also, the device will probably introduce an improvised version of Force Touch Technology with the Zero Travel patent, which eliminates the need for actual movement of the keyboard. This sparked the speculation that the leaked patent is meant to be either MacBook Air's or MacBook Pro's new sophisticated build, although there is a possibility that both MacBook variants will feature this design.

This MacBook Pro 2016 feature offers a better configure ability because users can now set aside portions of the device for a special set of keys, numeric keyboard, and trackpads.

Yibada further detailed that the surface of the keyboard will be able to sense varying pressures exerted by the user's fingers and will perform appropriate commands for it, much like the 3D Touch that Apple smartphones are sporting.

"Other speculated features include 9 hours of battery backup, Force Touch enabled Touchpad, USB Type-C, Siri for Mac, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, support for external graphics and dual-band a/c Wi-Fi", International Business Times reported. Also, in terms of design, the upcoming MacBook Pro model is pegged to resemble the 12-inch MacBook from past year.

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