Jason Momoa Talks Batman Vs. Superman Backlash; Compares Aquaman To Iron Man

Justice League’ Vs. ‘Avengers’ in ‘Worlds Collide’ Fan Trailer

Jason Momoa Talks Batman Vs. Superman Backlash; Compares Aquaman To Iron Man

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is the follow-up to Man of Steel, the first movie in the rebooted DC Comics movie continuity. The Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, has spoken about it previously, citing that allowing the rest of the DCU to expand around him on film would allow for a better use of the character in the future. During an interview with IGN, director Zack Snyder, star Henry Cavill and producer Charles Roven weighed in on whether or not we'll see Superman fly solo again. The director said that a really solid script would certainly help the chances for the movie to get off the ground.

While answering a question while on the press tour for Batman V Superman, Snyder seemingly confirmed that Superman isn't dead by mentioning that he'd like to do another standalone film with the character. I am talking specifically about the trailers; if you have NOT watched this movie and you have seen every trailer that has been released beforehand, then congratulations, you just saved 10 bucks because they basically spoiled the whole movie for you. I don't want to ruin the surprises, but Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are not the only Justice Leaguers you see in this movie. Plus, his last solo outing, Man of Steel, got mixed reactions from fans. Though the charming British actor remains a quite positive outlook towards having more "Superman" films, Cavill still feels as if adequate time is a necessary element to have a good "Superman" story.

"Batman V Superman" may have performed rather well at the box office in its opening weekend, but a sharp decline in figures has left studio execs scratching their heads. During the Knightmare sequence, we shared a moment that even elevated the flick for me: when the winged New Gods nasties attack #Batman and take him down, Jay (age 40) & I (age 45) simultaneously looked at one another and whispered reverently "ParaDemons".

Based on the current schedule of upcoming movies for the DCEU, the only films which will feature Superman at this time are the two Justice League movies which are on the calendar. The finished DC crossover product has the obvious and expected introduction of Lex Luthor, the continued romance of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and finally the world's reaction to what Superman, or a "god on Earth", really means to humanity.

The profit will be split between Warner Bros and the distributors in various territories. Did you enjoy it and are you interested in seeing this new version of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

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