Girls locked up for minimum 15 years for Angela Wrightson murder

Angela Wrightson murder Putting into order the senseless murder of troubled woman

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He has refused to name the two teenagers, who were given life sentences with a minimum of 15 years for the murder of Ms Wrightson at her home in Hartlepool, in light of the revelations.

While in the van, they posted a photograph on social media site Snapchat with the message: " the back, on the bizzie (police) van again".

The jury heard that the victim, 39-year-old Angela Wrightson, was found with more than 100 injuries in her blood-spattered living room in the industrial town of Hartlepool.

Sentencing the teenagers at Leeds Crown Court today, Mr Justice Globe described it as a "cowardly attack" that included "gratuitous degradation".

One also talked to a friend over Facebook who overheard her say: "Go on".

The trial heard that the girls had visited Miss Wrightson, an alcoholic known as "Alco Ange", on a number of occasions as she would buy them alcohol and cigarettes.

Though Wrightson had a drinking problem, she was "kind, house-proud and lonely". The girls reportedly sobbed as they were led from the court following their convictions on April 5.

He revealed that she made the latest attempt on her life during a break from court proceedings on Monday - with a quick-thinking court staff member coming to her aid.

Judge Globe said: "You left behind you Angie semi-conscious, unconscious or already dead, slumped on her red couch, naked from the waist down with ornamental pebbles having been poured over her head dripping down her clothes and on to her private parts.

She undoubtedly suffered considerably, both mentally and physically, before ultimately she lost consciousness and died".

A victim impact statement from Miss Wrightson's mother, Maureen, was summarised by the judge.

"The two girls responsible will one day be women themselves, free to live their lives and perhaps have children of their own - a right which was taken from Angie".

"She does not think she will ever be able to blink those images away", he said. "She had been disgusted by the laughing and giggling and sharing of photographs during the time of and immediately after the attack".

He told the girls: "She cannot understand how you could have been as violent as you were".

"The attack that the girls committed against Angela Wrightson was brutal and sustained".

With regards to the younger defendant, he felt she was more "robust", but he could not justify naming her alone as she too would be "extremely vulnerable to outside pressures".

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