Fresno man rescued then arrested after slipping off Morro Rock

Michael Banks, of Fresno, had to be rescued after illegally climbing California's picturesque Morro Rock in order to propose to his girlfriend via FaceTime, a firefighter involved in the rescue told NBC affiliate KSBY.

Gailey descended by cable to hoist Banks off the cliff, with the helicopter rotors spinning near the rocks and the rotor wash battering the men.

A California man rescued from a 600-foot cliff he climbed to propose to his girlfriend was arrested after returning and was under the influence of methamphetamine, police said.

"Since this time a year ago, we have had four incidents where we have had to use rope to get people off the rock", Chief Steven Knuckles with Morro Bay Fire Department said.

On his way back down the mountain, Banks accidentally took a much steeper trail.

The good news was that she said yes, but the bad news was he got stuck and had to be rescued from the mountainside by helicopter.

Dressed in what appears to be a wetsuit, the man is then winched to safety by emergency personnel. "It is illegal to climb Morro Rock because it kills people", Knuckles said.

Banks was calm for most of the ordeal, but "a little unnerved" during the crucial airlift, Gailey said.

Climbing is banned at the rock, but some go anyway and there have been several fatal falls over the years. It was not immediately clear if Mr Banks, who was unharmed in the incident, was punished in any way.

The rescue wasn't so easy, but Banks was eventually carried to safety.

Later witnesses say he was acting erratically and he was arrested.

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