Bernie Sanders Rally Coming To Washington Square Park April 13

US Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is an “absolutely awful candidate,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Tuesday

US Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is an “absolutely awful candidate,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Tuesday

Since last Monday, the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have been squabbling over when and where to stage the event, which was agreed to in principle in January.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump said last week that there should be a form of "punishment" for women who get abortions if the procedure was outlawed, a comment that was widely criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike.

This week saw NY, along with California, pass bills to raise the minimum wage across the states to $15 per hour.

The minimum wage law is just one example in a series of stances that Clinton has flip-flopped on, and received praise for by the party's elite. Sanders did not want the New York State Democratic Party to be a cosponsor of the debate, a source told POLITICO.

Bernie Sanders, who now trails Hillary Clinton by 263 pledged delegates (438 when counting super delegates), not only believes he'll end up with more delegates than his opponent, he thinks he'll come out of a contested convention with the nomination, Politico reports.

There's a lot of spin in Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook's Medium post "To Hillary Clinton supporters: The facts on where the race stands". Does she really have fundraisers on each of those nights? He would likely emerge with a tiny net delegate win, barely making a dent in Clinton's overall margin.

Clinton insists she likes her representatives in NY on all levels of government, but she'd consider a run if that were to change.

The call features a woman who says she's planning to vote for Trump because he will "not only be presidential", but will also "put America first", "respect all women and will help preserve Western civilization".

The Sanders campaign has accused Clinton of "stalling" before New York's April 19 primary, claiming that Clinton has "long opposed" a debate in Brooklyn, where her campaign headquarters is located.

Clinton, a former NY senator, holds a significant lead over Sanders among delegates, but the Vermont senator is hoping a win in Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin will build more momentum against Clinton in her adopted home state.

"I supported the "Fight for $15" from the very beginning and all of the unions that are part of the "Fight for $15" have endorsed me because they know that I'm supporting efforts in states, such as NY, to go to $15", Clinton said on Time Warner Cable News on Monday. The other delegates representing the Virginia GOP will be the party chairman and two members of the Republican National Committee. "After all, that was eight years ago".

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