New Scandal Season 5,Episode 15 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By ABC

A Donald Trump-inspired character is coming to ABC's Scandal

A Donald Trump-inspired character is coming to ABC's Scandal

Whist the real Donald Trump is too busy creating sh*t storms left, right and centre, Scandal has incorporated a Donald Trump-inspired character into this week's episode, and well, let's just say he's going to be as animated as the real Trump.

Shonda Rhimes dropping truth bombs-we can appreciate that! "You can't make that stuff up", she added. 

On the red carpet, before the panel, the "Scandal" cast spoke to Variety more about Clinton's visit, Trump's state in the race - and what to expect with "Trump's" storyline on the show.

Why Quinn Isn't Fond of Marcus: "I think she was the newbie for a while", said Katie Lowes of Quinn.

Kerry Washington, who plays Washington fixer Olivia Pope, joined the rest of the Gladiators at PaleyFest in Hollywood to reveal who totally freaked out over the Democratic presidential hopeful. "She fell in love with Fitz, she fell into a forbidden romance, she bought the fantasy".

"Scandal", the ABC political drama, is gearing up for its fictional election season, which may emulate the current election goings-on. A young woman told Rhimes that she loves Olitz together, but when it came to breaking them up, she needed the answer to one pressing question: "Why did you do that to us?"

"Olivia is on a journey", Rhimes said. However, that doesn't mean we haven't seen the actor bringing the former "Apprentice" host to life before. While Susan's and Mellie's campaigns intensify, and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) becomes suspicious of Cyrus (Jeff Perry), Olivia goes to Rowan's (Joe Morton) house for dinner where she finds Jake (Scott Foley) with his girlfriend Vanessa Moss.

"I will be honest and say I am more influenced by Hamilton right now than the election", she said, referring to the hit Broadway musical. Last week's cliffhanger showed that Jake is now engaged and if that didn't seem fishy enough, Liv realized that her former flame isn't in his engagement for love - he wants something else.

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