Identical Twins Want To Have Baby With The Same Man

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

These identical twin sisters share clothes, food, home, bed, and even have the same boyfriend.

"If she walks a few meters, I need to walk a few meters because we have to burn the same calories", Lucy DeCinque said.

The Perth twins have spent nearly $250,000 on cosmetic surgery and enhancements, including lip fillers and breast implants, to look more alike. The three of them share a large king-size bed, of which Lucy DeCinque says, " put it this way, we're very active girls and he needs twice the energy. Ben also happens to be a twin, but not an identical one.

"That's us, I want my body to look the same as my sister's, we don't want to weigh differently and I know we never will". They share a room at the twins' mother's house. "If we did a twin study and came out different, we'd be so upset".

The two started a YouTube channel to talk about their life. Neighbours heard the man's cries for help and alerted a nearby kayaker, Denise Flores, who was able to rescue the unidentified man before handing him over to emergency workers for treatment.

They say twins have a particularly close bond, but these two take it to the extreme. "There's no jealousy. There's no separation between us", they said. The ladies only want to be pregnant together.

One of twins said: "We actually felt a bit intimidated by the other twins, because we always thought we were the centre of attention".

They are even thinking to send their love and the fun in their identity to another level as Ann and Lucy are thinking that if one of them becomes pregnant, they pray it becomes the same time.

The pair met Mr Byrne via Facebook at the suggestion of mutual friends.

The DeCinque twins joined the panel of SBS current affairs and discussion show Insight for a double episode about twins last night.

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